Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Finals Week Stress Relief!

If you need some stress relief, be it from finals or whatever, here are a couple of ideas!

1. Write a blog post. Sort of like I'm doing now. Haha. =P
2. Play a cute game - such as Chuzzle, and adorable fuzzy-ball match-3 game.

or on Facebook, try Jelly Glutton - another match three with adorable animations.
I know, a lot of match threes, but it's mindless, which means stress-relieving.

3. Check out It's a website devoted entirely to everything guinea pigs. Including a blog, a photostream and live webcams of guinea pigs! Cuteness!

4. Watch youtube vidoes. Such as this one:

or this one:

Have any other videos, games or other stress relievers? Let me know in the comments! Good luck on finals!

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