Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Musicmicetro Pinterest Feature Board: Baby Ideas

So I originally created this board for ideas for my nephews, but they are growing and now I save ideas for them on my Toddler Ideas board. Either way, it's a great place to keep all of the ideas for baby things I would love to make/do/buy. Below are my favorite 10 pins from this board. You can see the whole board here. Also, if you do choose to link to any of these, please do so via Pinterest or via the original website, so the original creator/poster, etc., can be credited.

An adorable home-made swaddly blanket. I know from working at a child care center that these blankets are great for babies, so I would love to someday make one as a gift.

Crochet dinosaurs!

A cute baby shower card

Home-made baby booties! Aren't these adorable?

An adorable nursery printout. Might make a great baptism gift?

Another great nursery print.

I love this idea. I think it would be a great thing to do, especially if you didn't live close to your niece or nephew. I remember my Mom used to read books aloud to us as a kid - the one I remember most is the Trumpet of the Swan. :)

A super cute crocheted baby blanket.

Airplane fabric from Spoonflower!

An earflap penguin hat. Squee!

So those are my favorite baby themed pins. How about you? What are some of your favorites?

Monday, December 28, 2015

Top 5 Books of 2015

This year I read 53 books. My goal was to read 100, so I fell a bit short, but 53 is still impressive, don't you think? Anyways, here's my list of the five favorite books I read this year.

Anna and the French Kiss
This was just your classic cute love story. About an American girl sent to a Paris boarding school who falls in love with a classmate. Nothing extraordinary, except for the fact that it was adorable. :)

The Martian
If I hadn't had to take a break to sleep, I would have read this all in one sitting. I read it before the movie and found it soooo good! It's been a long time since I've ready something I enjoyed this much. This book is about a guy who gets stranded on Mars with not nearly enough food and supplies to last for four years (when he can get rescued), and he has to work to survive. It was super logical (which I loved), as well as witty, and full of surprising turns. (If you saw the movie, there are twists and turns you still won't see coming. Plus, the book explains everything the movie did not.)

Cinder & Ella
This was another fun story I found as an ebook. About a girl who is scarred in a car accident and must move home to her father, stepsisters, and stepmother to finish her last year of high school. It's also about a famous actor, who just wants to be heard as he is... who connects with a book blogger (read, the girl I originally mentioned) via the Internet. A super cute, super fun Cinderella retelling.

Think Like a Freak
I love all of the Freakonomics books, and this was no exception. I also read this one in about a day. It is an entertaining book, full of anecdotes that show you a different way to look at the world... how to "think like a freak."

I read all four (and a half) books in this series and loved it. I do want to point out that the books have a ton of spelling and grammar mistakes. Which only goes to show you how much I enjoyed it. Another young adult romance, about a couple that gets together in the first book, and stays together through the whole series - which I loved, since it wasn't the cliche chick-flick storyline. The main characters are somewhat paranormal and have to navigate the ups and downs of their paranormal society. (They call themselves "Aces"... I honestly have no idea if this is book specific or a widely accepted paranormal form.)

So that's it! What are your favorite books you read this year?
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