Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I hope you are enjoying the festivities of today. I'm dressing up as a candy corn!

It's cuter in person, I promise. I'm wearing a white shrug, an orange t-shirt ($2 at Michaels!) and a skirt I sewed myself.

How I made the skirt:
I got the directions for making the skirt here. This can be found on my Pinterest board, "When I Learn How to Sew". You can find all of my Pinterest boards here.

I found the directions a little bit confusing, so I'm going to re-write them here.

Materials needed: 1 yard of fabric, scissors, two safety pins, sewing machine, elastic (3/4 inch)

1. Fold your material in half so that the "sealed" sides are together. (You should have two sealed sides and two rough, cut sides when you begin).
2. Cut down the middle, directly on your fold.
3. With the pretty sides together, sew one edge together. You should ave one long pieces after this, not one wide piece.

4. On one of the very long sides create a casing for your elastic by folding the fabric over by about an inch and then sewing.

5. Measure the elastic by placing it around your waist (under your clothes). Then take two to three inches off of what you measured.
6. Use a safety pin to thread the elastic through the casing. The fabric will be pretty bunched by now. Once I got to the end, I used the second safety pin to pin the elastic to one end.
7. Sew across the elastic at each end to ensure it stays in place.
8. With the pretty sides facing together, sew the last side together. Voila! A skirt. I'm definitely using this pattern to make many more skirts in the future!

Candy Corn Earrings
These didn't last to long, but they were easy to make and added a bit of pizazz to my costume.

Materials needed: two candy corns, clear nail polish, two head pins, two earring hooks and needle nose pliers. (Gosh, how I miss the Oxford comma!)

1. Coat the candy corns with clear nail polish.
2. Use the pliers to create a loop at the end of the head pin that's not quite closed.
3. Use the pliers to wrap the head pin around the coated and dried candy corn. Then attach the candy corn (via the little loop) to the earring hook.

Candy Corn Make-Up
This was pretty simple. I put on foundation first (yes, on my eyelids). Then I used white, yellow and orange to create the color. (Thanks to my little sister, who got me a kit with all colors of sparkly eye shadow for Christmas last year.)

Happy Halloween! Here are some past Halloween projects you may want to check out:

These three are featured here.

And also check out my candy corn nails! I wore them again this year.

And before I leave you today, a shameless pitch for my Etsy shop:
Click on the pictures to be redirected to these products in my shop.

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Funky Friday

Happy Funky Friday! I've done a lot of stuff since I last blogged, but unfortunately I don't have anything ready, unless you want to check out my Etsy shop. Hopefully I can get this blog up and running again - I started a new school year (as a senior in college) and got a new job and balancing the two has been crazy!

Working on: Simple crochet beanie, rainbow beanie, rosaries, and other Christmas gifts. I just discovered rosary making and I love it! I will for sure post instructions when I'm finished.

Hope to work on: Halloween costume, care-package gifts for family, baby gift for my expecting sister.

Lots of love! I will post again soon.
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