Sunday, April 6, 2014

Pin Share - Resurrection Rolls

This isn't really an original idea, nor is it mine, so I'm just going to leave the link to this pin below - I encourage you to visit the pin's source, because it's pretty awesome!

I did this project/story/recipe with my first grade religious education class last year - they loved it. And so did a lot of the other catechists -I got a lot of requests for the recipe and directions, and I know at least one other person tried it. Because there was no kitchen where I taught, I pre-made a batch and left them in the common area, then I had the kiddos "make" the rolls, and I switched them out with the ones that I had already baked. (Someone the first graders in the classroom so I could go switch them out.) The first graders were amazed - and isn't that what Jesus' resurrection is all about? I ended up baking the first grader's rolls when I got home and *cough* perhaps ate all of them. =)

It's not quite Easter yet - but it's nice to plan ahead, and it's a great way to teach young ones the resurrection story.

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