Thursday, April 3, 2014

Musicmicetro Pinterest Board Feature: Easter

I feel like I have a lot of Pin boards that are just sitting there and being awesome, so I figured I'd share some with you! Since Easter isn't too far away, here are some of my favorite pins from my Easter board. Clicking on the photos will take you to the pin.

Adorable plush birdies from

This is designed to be an Easter countdown, but it's so cute, I think I'd make this just for a decoration. From

It's an Easter subway print that's totally focused on Jesus, which is awesome From
Fun Easter wood decoration from DittleDattle
An adorable religious Easter card from
Looove this bunny print by Delphine Doreau
Adorable lace and teal eggs from Flamingo Toes (which is a super awesome blog - check it out!)
This looks easy and fun and festive for Easter, from
Last but not least, a crochet pattern for adorable Peeps bunnies! From
I hope you found this post Pin-spiring! Happy Easter!

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