Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Olive Tree App

I have a fantastic app to share with you today. A friend of mine was using it at bible study, and it proved to be very helpful, so I decided to check it out on my own - and I'm glad I did!

What it is:
Olive tree is an awesome bible study app. It comes with two versions free (NAV and King James) and has the option for other versions.

What's awesome about it:
  1. You can highlight in multiple colors (yay!).
  1. You can add notes, which are easy to use and don't distract from reading. Plus, it's easy to go back to them.
  1. You can bookmark verses, and tag them with categories if you want. For example, I've created a tag called "light" that I link to all verses I find that have to do with light (salt and light, light in the darkness, etc.) This also makes it easy to go back to verses you found cool or interesting or you wanted to do more research on.
  1. You can easily cross-reference different sections of the bible. You know those little lettered footnote references that are everywhere? Now you can easily have the reference pop up in the same screen - no flipping back and forth.
  2. It's red-lettered.
  3. There are reading plans. For example, I'm trying the 90-day-reading plan, where you read the entire new testament in 90 days. You just read until you reach the "done" button - which gives you a sense of accomplishment and easily breaks it down for you to spend time in the Word.
  4. You can have split screens - two different bible screens up at once.
  1. It's available off-line, so once you download it, you don't need internet connection to use it.

Things that could be better:
  1. I can't find a Catholic version of the Bible in this app yet, but that doesn’t neccesarily mean it's not there.
  1. I wish you could add notes to bookmarks - I don't want to tag all of them, I just want a short summary of why I bookmarked it.

So that's it! I highly recommend you check this out. 

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