Saturday, July 23, 2016

Olympic Party?

So my roommate and I just had the best idea every... host an Olympic party for the opening ceremony two weeks from now! I can't guarantee it will happen, but we have a Pinterest board going, and so far, this seems to be the (very tentative) plan:

1 savory set of rings
Blue - Corn chips?
Yellow - Cheese and crackers
Black - Olives
Green - Celery, cucumbers, Snap peas
Red - cherry tomatoes, ham

1 sweet set of rings
Blue - Blueberries
Yellow - Pineapple
Black - Oreos, Blackberries, Chocolate
Green - Grapes
Red - Strawberries, Watermelon

Some pin-spiration

Brazilian cheesy bread
Pao de Quejo, since the Olympics are taking place in Brazil this year.

An adult "house" drink for the night
Most likely, the Olympic torch cocktail

Ridiculously cute Olympic activity food (I think these are hilarious)
Swimming Teddy Grahams
Beach volleyball Teddys

Mostly paper chains, because they're fun to make and a great throw-back to elementary school.

Possibly do trivia, or something else we can use for our own "Olympics"

Any other ideas? Hopefully you'll see a "success" post in a couple of weeks! :)

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