Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Tasty Tuesday - Japanese Treats

My friend bought a bunch of those make-it-yourself Japanese candy kits. So a couple of friends and I tried them out. Here's how it went:

All of the kits (we only made a couple - they take a decent amount of time!)

Krissy with the kits

Our finished "donuts", before we added frosting and sprinkles.

After frosting and sprinkles

Our sushi "candies"

Although it was sort of fun to figure out which powder goes where and with which scoop and how much water, etc., in the end the treats were... sort of disgusting. Fun to make with friends but definitely make sure you have something to get the taste out of your mouth in the end.

Have you ever tried making these Japanese candy kits? How'd they turn out for you?

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