Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Reading Wednesday: Christmas Nostalgia - Books

Hello! Every year along with our Christmas decorations, we would pull out Christmas books as well. Today I'm going to share with you the ones I remember and love, if only because of the memories they bring with them.

I love love loved this book. It's a very vintage sort of book and the colors on the inside aren't vibrant, but are still beautiful.

I was a huuuuge fan of Little Critter growing up. This book was no exception. This book is actually where I first learned that you're supposed to tape your Christmas list to the end of your bed for Santa. (Is that still a thing?)

I know, I know, Sesame Street, right? But I would still love to own a copy of this book again. I don't remember too much from the book, but I do know that Grover tries to ship a snowball at some point.

This is a picture of this year's Christmas Ideal, but you get the idea. Although cheesy, we always had a set of old Christmas Ideal books (magazines?) in our collection. These are filled with poems and short stories and pictures and other such Christmas-y things.

This book is a great treasury of Christmas stories. I loved reading them, but they're also the perfect length for reading to a child as well. It includes stories like The Little Match Girl, A Christmas Carol, The Christmas Mouse, etc.

Every year on Christmas Eve, my dad would read us this story. Regardless of age, we'd all get in our pajamas and gather round to hear this story before going to bed. Half of the time he fell asleep while reading it and we had to wake him up to finish it.

An alternate version of the classic Night Before Christmas. An adorable, mousy version. :)

The version of the nativity story that we had.

What were your favorite Christmas books as a child?

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