Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas Nostalgia - Videos

So along with our books and decorations, we'd pull out Christmas videos too. All of these also have a special place in my heart as a part of the Christmas season.

I don't think I can express in words just how much I love this video. All it is is a sing-along tape of Christmas songs, but the animations are beautiful. We played this all the time throughout the season, even when we were making Christmas cookies. I can still picture the animation that goes with each song. (I also bought this on DVD, but it's not as good because they tried to make it fancier.)

Another fan-freaking-tastic Christmas sing-a-long tape. More songs, more animations (and some live-action stuff too).

A classic.

We got this one when I was a little older (ten or twelve), but it still gets a mention on this list. :)

A great Winnie the Pooh movie. There are a couple of stories on this tape (if I remember right), and I do know they play hockey with a cookie as a puck at one point...

I don't know how this was ever considered a children's movie. Santa is in a "snooze" the whole move because someone drugged him (I kid you not) and they have to figure out how to wake him up. I'm fairly sure voodoo is involved at some point too.

Yeah, yeah, it's Barney. It's a pretty simple movie - they try to wait up for Santa but fall asleep anyways, etc. But it's still a great one from my childhood.

There were plenty more movies we watched on TV (Charlie Brown, Rudolph, etc.), but these were the ones we owned on VHS. How about you, what are your favorite Christmas movies?

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