Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sippin' Saturday

I have some drink reviews for y'alls! Hopefully you'll get the chance to try some of these delicious drinks. =)

This is horchata, a sweet rice-milk. I got this at a little soda in Costa Rica, but it is common other places too - it's more a Mexican drink than anything. (Oh, and soda is what they call little laid-back restaurants in Costa Rica). This was deeelicious. I'm going to have to get this more often!

Mango smoothie! There was a fantastic pizza shop right next to school I attended in Costa Rica called "Observa la Pizza". They had an awesome ice coffee and great smoothies including mango and pina colada. It was great to stop buy and grab one occasionally.

I got this fantastic coffee at a place called Galileo's cafe, which is attached to the kids' museum at Balboa Park  in San Diego. This drink was called the solar flare and I believe it had raspberry and orange syrup in it. This drink was fantastic, even if it was a heart attack waiting to happen thanks to the amount of sugar in it. It tasted sort of like fruity pebbles and coffee - but in a good way, not a gross way. On a side note, anyone else find it weird that they have an entire hands-on exhibit for children on how germs spread but they don't have hand sanitizer anywhere?

And last but not least, a cherry limeade from California Pizza kitchen. I love this drink. If you like cherry limeades (sort of like lemonade but, well, limeyer and with grenadine and carbonation) you'll love this one. My sister got one tonight (at my suggestion) and she loved it too. I had a mango iced tea tonight, which was great as well.

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