Friday, December 7, 2012

College-Kid Advent Wreath

I made this adorable Advent wreath a couple years back. I love Advent and I love celebrating it, but as a college kid living in the dorms, I can't use real candles. I also don't have a lot of money - hence this little, practical Advent wreath.

College Kid Advent Wreath from The Music of Life
Materials Needed:
5 electric tea lights
purple, pink, red and green ribbon

1. Cut ribbons so that they can completely surround the candle. You need three lengths of purple, one of pink, and one each of red and green, longer so you can tie a bow.
2. Tape the ribbons on the candles. If you don't like the look of tape you can also try glue, but the tape holds up pretty well and is almost invisible.
3. You're done! Happy Advent!

College Kid Advent Wreath from

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