Friday, March 1, 2013

Funky Friday: To the Zoo Baby Frame

Congratulations to my little sister - she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy! Little Eli was born almost a month ago, and here is a gift I made for my sister to celebrate.

Here's the pin that inspired my project:
Baby Frame

This pin, among others, can be view on my Baby Ideas board.

I loved the poem, but not the frame, necessarily. Plus, I think the one I made fits better with my sister's family and my first nephew. =)
The Music of Life: Funky Friday To the Zoo Baby Frame

Materials needed:
Wooden frame (you can find these at Michaels for $1)
Acrylic Paint
Pre-made wooden animals/figures
Card stock

1. Paint frame. For me, it's easiest just to squirt a blob of paint directly on the frame and use the paintbrush to spread around. Saves having to use a paper plate. I chose blue, since my sister was having a boy.
2. After paint has dried, arrange pre-made wooden figures on the frame. Glue on.
3. Type up and print out poem. I printed it on card stock so that it would be more rigid and  fit well in the frame.

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