Saturday, August 27, 2016

Spanish/English Word Buddies

As you may have noticed from some of my prior posts, I love learning languages. Aside from my native language (English), Spanish is the one I've spent the most time learning. I think it's a beautiful and practical language and I'm always striving to improve my fluency. Over the years, I've used lots of mental tricks to try and remember the language, and one of which is below.

I have listed a word in Spanish, what it means, and then an English word that is related to it (usually by a Latin root word). For example, the word Mar, which means "sea" in Spanish, is related to the word Marina in English. If you've ever been near a body of water, "sea" or not, you've probably heard of the word Marina, which is a designated area for boaters to dock their boats. And now you've made a connection and are more likely to remember the Spanish word Mar.

Not all of these "buddies" will work for every person. For example, if you don't know what a Monstrance is, you it probably won't help you remember the word Mostrar. Unless of course you take time to look it up, in which case the hunt for knowledge may help you anyways. :)

Spanish Word  What it means  English word buddy 
Mar  Sea  Marina 
Sol  Sun Solar 
Tierra  Earth  Extra-terrestrial
Terra-cotta pot
Mostrar  To show  Monstrance
(Maybe this is only helpful if you're Catholic and already know what a monstrance is. :P) 
Bailar  To dance  Ballerina 
Arbol  Tree  Arbor Day 
Ratón  Mouse (both the animal and the computeraccesory)  Rat 
Cuerpo  Body  Corporal (As in Corporal Works of Mercy, providing for the physical needs of others [food, water, clothes, etc.])
Corporate (A group acting as one body) 
Luna  Moon  Lunar
Lunatic (Person affected by the moon's changes) 
Contar  To tell  Recount (To recount a tale after a long journey, perhaps) 
Brazo  Arm  Embrace (Where you wrap your arms around someone :D:D) 
Mano Hand  Manufacture(To make by hand)
Manacles (hand cuffs)
Manual (by hand
Escribir  To write/desk  Scribe
Mal  Bad  Malignant
Bien  Good  Benevolent
Carne  Meat  Carnivore (someone who eats meat
Camisa  Shirt  Camisole 
Collar  Necklace  Collar (although not jewelry, it does go around ones neck) 
Realizar  To perform  Realize (As in, to realize ones dreams) 
Campo Field  Campus 
Enfermedad  Sickness  Infirmary 
Media  Half  Medium 
Pájaro  Bird  Parrot 
Cien  Hundred  Century (One hundred years)
Cent (One hundredth of a dollar)
Percent (Of one hundred)
Centimeter (One hundredth of a meter) 
Mil  Thousand  Millennium(One Thousand years)
Millimeter(One Thousandth of a meter)
Millipede (A bug with "one thousand" legs) 
Ocho  Eight  Octopus
Vida  Life  Vital (Essential to life)
Revive (Bring back to life
Muerto  Death  Mortuary
Morbid (Relating to death)
Immortal (Cannot die)
Mortified (Scared to death
Ano  Year  Annual
Con  With  Connect
Grande  Large  Grand 
Amigo  Friend  Amnesty
Dormir  To sleep  Dorm (Where college students sleep

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but I had fun making it. What words/word buddies did I miss? Have any of you ever done this, either with Spanish or another language?

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