Saturday, September 3, 2016

Sippin' Saturday - Cups and Crepes

Welcome to Sippin' Saturday, where I review new drinks I've tried. :)

Last Saturday my roommate, my sister, and I went to a local place called "Cups and Crepes", which sells coffee and crepes. The food was amazing, but the service was lackluster. Here are two of the drinks they serve (and they serve much more than this - we didn't even venture near the dozens of flavor Italian sodas they make).

Monkey Mocha Latte

Chocolate and banana! This tastes like you melted "Chunky Monkey" ice cream into coffee. A combination  I haven't seen before, but it was soo good. :)

Hazelnut Frappe

This was also amazing. An offering we really wish was available elsewhere, so we could get it more often. My non-coffee loving friend liked the flavor, but it was still too "coffee" for her. Personally, I would love to try a hazelnut mocha... a "Nutella" coffee.

Look at these! Aren't they gorgeous? They were yummy too.

Any recommendations for beverage (or crepe) places I could visit in the Phoenix area? What's your favorite coffee shop and/or beverage?

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