Thursday, January 26, 2017

Crochet Apple and Apple Slice from Tasty Crochet

Hello! I have another crocheted food for you today. I think this one is my favorite so far.

The crocheted apple is worked in the round. I used a slightly larger hook than the book calls for, but I think it turned out to be quite adorable. It's an easy pattern to follow and there's not a ton of sewing involved, which I liked. I used Red Hart Super Saver yarn.

The crocheted apple slice is worked in both the round (the fruit of the slice) and in rows (the rind/skin of the slice). I used the same size hook as the apple, but the slice came out slightly larger in proportion to the apple. I didn't like this pattern as much, but it would be easy to vary it to create other slices of fruit like oranges, lemons, green apples, etc. This one had more sewing that the apple, but still nothing too horrible.

Apple slice in progress

The final product!

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