Sunday, April 9, 2017

Basic Stripes Square Three from Bring Color to Crochet

This month I'm doing different projects from the book "Bring Color to Crochet" by Renate Kirkpatrick. The book offers 64 different squares that you can then sew together to make colorful blanket. My goal is just to make it through a sampling of her squares this month. :)

I'm using different colors than the author as outlined below. All of them are worsted weight yarns, but I couldn't give you much other than that, since they've since lost their tags. I want to say that the sage color is not Red Heart, but the rest are. And the darker blue is a Red Heart Sparkle. That's all I know. :P

Color A - Off-white
Color B - Sage
Color C - Light blue
Color D - Sparkle blue
Color E - Light purple

The author doesn't explicitly state which of her colors match with A, B, C, D, and E, so you just have to assume. From the patterns it appears that Color A is the "main" color, to which the rest of your colors are added. In the book, this main color is an olive green.

The pattern I did this week is a pretty basic stripes pattern. It is written in UK terms, with US terms in parentheses. (Phew - I forgot I even needed to check for this when buying a crochet book.) It requires you to know half-double crochet and the chain stitch, and that's about it. It is a bit unusual from most crochet patterns because instead of crocheting a row, turning, crocheting a row, turning, etc., it has you remove your hook and re-insert it at the beginning of the row intermittently.

Be suuuper careful to actually count your stitches, or at least eyeball it to make sure you're not losing stitches along the way. I'm a pretty lazy crocheter some of the times, but this one you need to watch out for!

This pattern is also a beast to sew up at the end. (Sewing is my least favorite part of crocheting, by the way. If I can find a pattern that has minimal sewing, that pattern is my best friend. :)) There are little ends to sew up at each end of every row, which was not fun. But hey, at least it turned out pretty cute!

💗 Annette

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