Saturday, April 15, 2017

Spikes Square Eight from Bring Color to Crochet

This is the second square I've crocheted from Bring Color to Crochet. It was also my first time ever using spike stitch!

(My first row of spike stitches, I'm so proud.)

So, since it was my first time, I definitely didn't go far enough down when I first did the spike stitches. Which worked well enough for the first couple of rows, but got a bit tricky when I got farther along. I studied the author's picture quite a bit to figure out what had gone wrong. Basically, you want to go to the very bottom of the previous color for the spike stitch. If you're sticking your hook in somewhere in the middle, you're doing it wrong. :) I've included a (hopefully helpful) picture below.

The blue stitch in the very center, that one is wrong. The blue spike stitches to the right are right.

I thought this was a super fun square. It was easy, and now I want to try all sorts of patterns with spike stitches in them. They're simple and look very cool. And thankfully, the author has more squares using these stitches.

Both sides look pretty cool, but quite different. What side is your favorite?

I think this is the backside, but it's my favorite.

This is technically the "right" side, but I don't like it as much.

This week and last week's squares

💗 Annette

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