Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Reading Wednesday - Marry the Doctor by Beverly Farr

This is book two in the "Love and Chocolate" romance series by Beverly Farr. It follows Frank Brannigan, a neurosurgeon who is part owner of a large chocolate corporation. He's lonely, but as a single father and busy surgeon, he's having trouble finding that connection with someone.

While this book still follows the pretty typical romance, it was a little bit different for a couple of reasons:
1. The author doesn't reveal the female love interest until almost halfway through the story. (There are plenty of different options, so you don't know who it will be.)
2. Once the couple gets together... they're together. Instead of relationship-y oriented stuff, they (mostly) deal with external problems. I like this.
3. I liked the female character. She wasn't super typical for a romance - but I can't give too much away!

Overall, this book gets four out of five stars. It was cute and it was shorter than your average novel, which made it a quick read.

💗 Annette

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