Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Reading Wednesday - Only Mine by Susan Mallery

This is book four in the Fool's Gold romance series. It follow's Dakota, one of a set of Triplets, who has lived in Fool's Gold almost her entire life. She's been assigned by her boss to keep an eye on a new reality TV series that has set up camp in town. While doing this, she meets Flinn, the older brother of two of the reality show contestants. Flinn is adamant that his brothers need to return home to Alaska to finish college, but even if they don't, he's staying to make sure they don't get themselves in trouble.

After reading a couple of her books, I sort of have high expectations for ones by Susan Mallery. This one was not to her usual standard. It wasn't bad by any means, but I wasn't on the edge of my seat either. It was a pretty classic romance. I'm still looking forward to reading the rest of the series though. :)

In February I went to a very large booksale that's held at the state fairgrounds, and I got most of the rest of the series. Here are pics of my stash. (Also, this isn't all of the books I got there... just the ones by Susan Mallery.)

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