Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Peruvian Friendship Bracelet

This is an awesome bracelet – it is easier that some of the other ones, and it looks like something you would buy in a store. For this bracelet you need thicker string (5 mm?) such as the string you would use to make candles, as well as your friendship floss. You also need glue to finish off the ends.

For the typical bracelet, you need five lengths of friendship string as long as your ‘wingspan’. Three of the same color (Color A), and one each of other colors (Color B and Color C). You also need the thicker string – long enough to go four times around your wrist (actually you only need two, but I prefer to measure four – better too much than too little). Fold all lengths of string in half. Lay the loop at the end of the friendship strings over the loop of the thicker string. Pull the ends of the friendship string around the thicker string and pull them through the friendship loop, creating a slip-knot. Lay the entire thing so that the floss is on the left, and the thicker string on the left.

In normal ‘4’ formation, like you would with a diagonal friendship bracelet, use one length of Color C to make two knots on each of the thicker strings. Do the same thing with one length of Color B, and then with all of Color A, and the last length of Color B. With the last length of Color C, make two knots on the first thick string, and then one knot on the last. Then, using backwards knots (backwards ‘L’, such as the one you would use for a V-Pattern Bracelet), make one knot on the rightmost thick string, and then two on the leftmost string. Now, work backwards, making two knots on each of the strings in the opposite order you did last time. The last Color C string will do two backwards knots, one backwards knot, one forwards knot, two forwards knot. Continue working back and forth like this until you finish.

When you are done, cut the floss as short as you can to the thicker strings, and glue the tips to the bracelet. Some people recommend melting the ends of the thicker strings, but I’ve never done that, and it usually works out fine. Tie on however you would like.

A finished one
At the beginning
What it looks like when you're making it

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