Monday, July 18, 2011

Big Lanyards!

I started with small lanyards and worked my way up. My favorite is the 2x1 lanyard, because it looks like two separate lanyards weaving around each other. I do every lanyard I do swirly now – the concept is the same. Just make sure that your two colors are always parallel and you should be fine. To get “funky” swirls, try a lopsided large lanyard, like a 3x1 or a 5x2 or something like that. To get just a fatty lanyard, make a not-so-lopsided one, like a 2x2 or a 3x3. I still don’t understand how they swirl, but they do, and that’s awesome!

This is a 3x3, I believe

The weave on a fat one

This is a 5x2

My personal favorite, the 2x1

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