Friday, July 22, 2011

Yarn Octopus

Materials Needed:
Googly eyes or other craft eyes (optional)

1. Take a handful of stuffing (about the size of your two hands put together) and “form” it into a ball.
2. Start wrapping yarn around the stuffing, in every direction, rotating the ball as you go. Continue until the whole thing is covered in yarn. Your ball will decrease in size during this step. This is the octopus’ head. Leave a six inch or so “tail” of yarn when you are done.
3. Cut 32 strings of yarn, about 6 inches long. I made my octopus with three different colors – 8 of each color.
4. Braid the yarns together to create eight “legs”.
5. Tie the “legs” onto the tail of the octopus, and slide the knots down until you are satisfied they are in the right place. Tuck the tail onto the head of the octopus
6. Add eyes if you desire.

Pictures coming this weekend!

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