Monday, July 25, 2011

Never Been Kissed

I just finished reading a novel called "Never Been Kissed" by Melody Carlson. Although Melody Carlson is my favorite author, this book was targeted towards a younger age group. I enjoyed reading it, and although I thought the plot would be predictable, it actually took an unsurprising turn. This book is directed at high school students, and the main "issue" is sexting. I think it is an important message, and I love how Melody Carlson can get you into the mind of any character - she does the same thing with her "True Colors" series.

This book is about a girl named Elise who tries to carry on a secret relationship with a guy she likes and a sort-of relationship with a guy she sort-of likes in order to get kissed before her sixteenth birthday. This book explores the concept of cyber-bullying and touches on the importance of having God in your life.

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