Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Reading Wednesday - Holiday Hook Up by Robyn Neeley

I really like this series. It's another one where I pick the book up and can't put it down until it's finished. The series as a whole as moved into a more supernatural-type genre but it probably still classified as urban-fantasy. (Although on top of that, it's actually a romance.) The title sounds a little risque, but the name "Holiday Hook Up" actually comes from the fictional town's tradition of pairing up singles over Christmastime to raise money for charity. So it isn't about that kind of hook-up.

Overall, this was another great addition to the series. The book follows Bethany Wilson, hometown sweetheart, as she tries to reconcile her feelings for her crush/best friend. (I won't give away the male love interest, because that could possibly be a spoiler to previous books in the series.) Bethany works at her parent's Christmas-themed shop, but weird things keep happening to her as she goes about her day-to-day. Meanwhile, she's partaking in events where she keeps running into her crush - events such as ice-skating or dressing up like an elf.

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