Monday, February 6, 2017

Taste Testing German Chocolates

My friend recently took a trip to Europe and collected different chocolates from each country she visited. And, she's generous enough to share! Today, I'm going to review the chocolates she got in Germany.

All three of the chocolates were made by Ritter Sport.

We also combined this with a s'mores night, so here they are on a tray with graham crackers and marshmallows.

First up, Alpenmilch! According to Google, this means one of three things: milk from the Alps (this makes sense), alfalfa (this doesn't make sense), or almond milk (this also makes sense). Regardless, this chocolate was amazing! It's a 30% milk chocolate, which means it's creamy and chocolatey, but not overpowering or overly sweet. It reminded me a lot of chocolate I got in Switzerland a couple of years ago.

We did try this is a s'more, but it wasn't a good fit. The chocolate is unique enough on it's own that it isn't complimentary to the graham and marshmallow.

Next up, Knusperkeks. This was the same chocolate, but with a biscuit/cookie thing in the middle. The biscuit added a nice crunch. My friends were torn on the flavor - some said it was overpowering. Others liked it. I personally thought it made the whole piece taste like honey. Not the fake-y honey flavor, but actual honey.

This is the only one I remembered to take a picture of, I'm sorry. You can see the cracker in the middle. The Alpenmilch one looked the same without the cracker, and the next one (strawberry yogurt) had a layer of strawberry in the middle where the cracker is in this picture.

Lastly, we have Erdbeer Joghurt, which means Strawberry Yogurt. This one was definitely one of my favorites. It tastes very similar to Brookside's chocolate covered pomegranate, but without the chewy texture. It's great! It's like a chocolate covered strawberry, but portable and consistently delicious.

Keep an eye out for more international chocolate reviews! And if anyone wants to send me chocolate, I'm not opposed... 😛

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