Thursday, June 8, 2017

10 Ways to Excersize When It's Arizona Hot

If you didn't already know, I live in Arizona. Which means the temperature has been in the nineties since at least May. But, just because it is crazy hot outside doesn't mean that you're not supposed to keep exercising. So here are 10 ways to exercising when it's Arizona hot outside.

1. Play Just Dance

If you're not familiar with Just Dance, it is a video game where you have to dance to match the on screen character's moves. You are then scored based on how well you matched the moves. This is a personal indoor favorite of mine. You can play it by yourself, or with friends. Don't have a gaming console? Just look up the songs on YouTube. You won't get a score, but you'll still get a great workout.

2. Swim

This is pretty much the only outside activity you can get away with over the summer. Just make sure you keep hydrated and wear lots of sunscreen. And, depending on the day, you might want to do this particular activity after dark.

3. Free dance lessons

A lot of different places offer free dance lessons, usually followed by free dance time (close to the bar, so they can sell alcohol of course. I know in the Phoenix area Moonshine Bar and Grill has two-step nights and Dave and Busters do salsa. You do have to be over 21 for both of these, but if you're old enough, this is a great indoor exercise activity.
4. Go to the Gym

This one is probably pretty obvious, but I figured I'd mention it anyway. The gym offers a place to do a variety of exercises, but in the comfort of air conditioning!
5. Zumba

Or any sort of class. Even if you don't have a gym membership, a lot of community centers offer drop-in classes where you can pay a couple of bucks for each class you attend. This also counts step classes, tae-bo, kickboxing, pilates, etc.
6. Spelunking

Depending on the cave you go to, or hike in, the temperature is likely to be cool year round. I recently tried the lava tube hike up near Flagstaff. It was a lot of fun, but was also pretty difficult if you're out of shape!

7. Play Pokemon Go at an Indoor Mall

If you find the right indoor mall, it's like finding a free indoor track! You don't have to play Pokemon Go, but I find it makes things a little bit more fun. :)
8.Workout games

Basically, like a drinking game, but for workouts. Pinterest can help you find a work out to go with pretty much any one of your favorite TV shows. (Click on image below to get to the original pin.)

9. Basketball, racquetball, etc.

Basically, any indoor sport you can think of. I'm not tall enough (or athletic enough) to play basketball, but there are plenty of other indoor sports to try.
10. Rock climbing
Most rock climbing gyms are indoors and it's a great way to get an upper body (well, all body really) work out. Look for local deals or drop-in specials.

What's your favorite way to work out when it's super hot outside?

💗 Annette

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