Monday, January 31, 2011

New Songs!

So, although I'm not doing the '365 Days of Music', I still want to spend time on new songs I discover. Today's awesome new song is:

"Just Like You" By Matt Maher

Matt Maher is an awesome Christian/Catholic songwriter, and so many of his songs relate really well to me and my experiences. This song is basically a worship song expressing how we all want to be just like Jesus. The chorus goes "I want to be holy just like you. I want to go where you lead me to. With reckless abandon to your truth, I wanna fall deeper in love with you'. It's upbeat, and it's great to sing at weekly worship with other people at the top of your lungs, or just by yourself, when you need time to think, and pray in song form.

So there's my awesome song of the day. Be looking for other songs soon!

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