Thursday, May 4, 2017

Pool Excersizes

Hello! So now that summer's here (in Arizona, at least), I've been trying out some new pool exercises, and I wanted to review them for you, so you can takes some new tips and tricks with you to your next swim.

I found the exercises here, and for this post I'm going to review the first five that you can do without a fancy pool weight.

1. Bicycle
I liked this one a lot. It's simple and I could do it from the step at the edge of the pool. You might not feel it for the first minute or two you do it, but then it starts to burn! Plus, it beats a stationary bicycle because you won't be as sweaty. :)

2. Double Leg Lift
I tried this one, but I must not have been doing it right. It didn't feel much like an exercise at all.

3. Half Suspended Jumping Jack
This one is okay, but I'd recommend doing it with a one-piece or a snug two-piece. I definitely didn't do this one around other people, because it looks sort of weird. Have fun with it though! :P

4. Flutter Kick
When I got tired of holding myself up for bicycling, I flipped over and started to flutter kick. This is another super simple one that packs quite a punch.

5. Frog jump
This one is another one I didn't want to do around people. It is a lot of fun though! Ribbit! Ribbit! :D

I plan on slowly working my way through all thirty or so exercises on the list. Do you know of any favorite swimming pool exercises I can try?

💗 Annette

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