Saturday, May 6, 2017

Sippin' Saturday - Ick

So I try a lot of random drinks, and most of them are quite delicious. However, some of them are just not worth it. So to save you some time, here are three drinks I tried and didn't like.

1. This Kombucha drink. It tastes like fizzy apple cider vinegar. Blech. Yeah, yeah, I know some people like it, and I know it's supposedly healthy for you, but I couldn't get past a sip or two of it.

2.  This cranberry juice cocktail. I know that cranberry juice is supposed to be tart, but since the first ingredient (other than water) was high fructose corn syrup I was sort of hoping it'd be sweeter. This drink was so tart it was almost bitter. I gave it a second chance and mixed the juice with Sprite, but all that did was ruin my Sprite.

3. This watermelon drink. I was so, so excited when I saw this in the store. It looks light and refreshing, and it's watermelon flavored. Perfect, right? No. While I am impressed they manage to suspend the little watermelon particles in the drink, the balance of flavors is off. It's too sweet, but not in a delicious sort of way. It has a weird aftertaste too. It's not the worst drink in the world, but I probably wouldn't pick it up again.

Any other drinks I need to avoid?

💗 Annette

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