Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sippin' Saturday

Happy Sippin' Saturday! Here are another 10 drinks I've tried:

1. Fuze Tropical Punch Slenderize
This is probably the best Fuze drink I've had - and that's not saying much. This drink did have a nice banana-pineapple flavor, but that's about it. Overall, I find Fuze drinks disgusting and way too diet-flavored. And, on a random note, my sister googled some of their ingredients (being the plant-science major she is) and discovered some of them have really bad side effects, like cancer. So be careful next time you pick one of these up!

2. Naked Orange Juice
This tasted like normal orange juice. Slightly pulpy and very "strong" on the orange part (less sweet). It's great if you have a cold and no other choices, but nothing special.

3. Simply Orange
This one is less "strong" than Naked Orange Juice. It still has great flavor, but is a little bit watered down. I really enjoyed this one with breakfast foods.

4. Einstein’s Peppermint Hot Cocoa
I love this drink! I'm not sure if it's in season, but if you have a chilly day (hey, it snowed here on Thursday) this is definitely the drink! Imagine peppermint ice cream melted into perfect hot chocolate, and that's the drink you get. It is flavorful and creamy, but not overpowering like Starbuck's is.

5. Shamrock Farm’s Egg Nog
I love this egg nog. Granted, I've never had the "real" version, but I like this one. I've always been leery of egg nog due to the raw egg factor, but this version is pasteurized, so I know I'm not going to get some weird stomach bug. It's also super creamy and frothy and has a perfectly balanced blend of spice.

6. Snapple Noni Berry
While the Noni berry is undiscovered and supposedly cool, this drink was not. I understand why I'd never heard of it before - it tastes awful. This drink isn't worth your time.

7. Snapple Mangosteen
I love this! It was the first Snapple flavor I've ever tried, and it's delicious. It is perfectly cool and refreshing with a flavorful taste of mango that isn't overpowering.

8. Tazo Green Tea
This is the best premade tea I've had! It is perfectly sweetened and has just a slight hint of mint. I grab it anytime I want a refreshing drink that isn't jam-packed with sugar.

9. Arizona Iced Tea Mango
I really like the mango flavor. This tea was no exception. This drink was very sugary, but still had a great flavor.

10. Arizona Iced Tea Pomegranate
This drink was refreshing, but the pomegranate tasted a bit too much like cold medicine.

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