Friday, April 20, 2012


So lately I've gone a little bit crazy making friendship bracelets. Here's what I made.

This is a really easy (and quite pretty) bracelet to make. You can get the tutorial of how to make this one in one of my previous blog posts here.

This is a trio of fun bracelets that I made for Easter. One is just braided (with six strands) one is a simple friendship bracelet (tutorial here) and one is the same friendship bracelet as above. And since it was for Easter, I added a cross charm.

Sorry the picture is so blurry! I made this bracelet during class (sometimes my teachers are just not that interesting) and I love it. It is a standard V-Pattern Friendship Bracelet in rainbow colors. (Tutorial here).

This is a classy version of the V-Bracelet - every four rows I added a small bead before completing the center stitches. And instead of adding a bead for the middle occurrence, I added a cross charm.

I love this bracelet! It is braided with four colors. To braid this way, take the outer strand and pull it over two strands. Then pull it back towards the way it started underneath a strand. Alternate outer edges. I added a fun bead to the end for a clasp.

Heat pattern! I found this pattern on Pinterest, which links to here.

This bracelet is made with two "ropes" of four-braided strands. Also, I have discovered the wonder that is fiber crimps and pretty clasps. They add a whole new dimension to the bracelet.

I saw this pattern online and I just had to figure out how to make it. It took me a couple of tries (and even some sketching) to figure it out, but I did. Unfortunately, it's something I can do but can't quite explain yet - maybe I'll get a tutorial up someday.

This is the same as the previous bracelet, but made with 24 strands instead of 12 - like there are two bracelets next to each other.

This is your traditional diagonal bracelet made with ribbon with beads added every six rows.

This is another traditional diagonal bracelet, just with three beads in the middle and the great fiber crimps and clasp at the end.

As you can see - I've gone a bit (okay, a lot) crazy making friendship bracelets. But I've learned lots of cool new things, and I really enjoy making them. All of these are in my etsy shop right now. =)

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