Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sippin' Saturday

Here are reviews of ten random drinks that I've tried.

1. Lipton Lemon Tea
This was okay. If you are a big fan of unsweetened tea, this may be for you. For me, it was lacking some flavor (and sugar).

2. Honest Ade Pomegranate Blue
This tasted like nothing more than watered down grape juice. But for some reason I kept drinking it. So although it had no flavor and wasn't unique, it was surprisingly refreshing.

3. Sierra Mist Natural
I love this! This is only a proof that advertising works - since Pepsi sponsors our school, they give us (the marching band) free soda (it's okay because it's clear?). It has such a great taste - perfectly sweet and perfectly lemon-limey, not too much of anything. And also perfectly refreshing for after a half-time performance.

4. Naked Blue Machine
This was so gross - to me it tasted like black licorice. I took maybe two sips and then gave it to someone who actually liked the flavor.

5. Naked Green Machine
Considering what is in this drink (like garlic and algae) it didn't actually taste too bad. The consistency does weird me out though - I guess I'm just not into juice smoothies.

6. Naked Red Machine
This is probably my favorite of the Naked Machines that I've tried. Like I said, the consistency is a bit weird, but the flavor is fine, just a fruity berry mix. However, considering the price, I'm not sure I'd ever buy this again.

7. Naked Gold Machine
This one was okay - I drank it while I had a cold because it had a lot of Vitamin C. It is your typical banana base sort-of-fruity-sort-of-bland smoothie. So, good, but I'm not going to buy it again.

8. Teddy’s Root beer
I really liked this stuff. Someone gave me two liters of it for a secret schlo-mo (because Santa is religiously affiliated?) gift. I drank a whole liter of it in one night. It is more sugary than normal root beers and has less carbonation, which is a plus on my part.

9. Chili’s Mango Iced Tea
Love this stuff! I get it every time I go to Chili's. (Although I usually add three or four packets of sugar). This drink is a great perfectly flavored tea that is light and refreshing.

10. Tazo Plum Pomegranate
I wasn't too much a fan of this one. It was just too... eh.

Well, that's all folks. Tune in next week for another ten or so reviews. And hopefully soon I'll be making drinks of my own to share with you guys, just in time for summer.

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