Friday, April 27, 2012

Aqua Earrings

I don't have a full picture tutorial for these, but I do have directions. They are super easy to make and super cute too!

2 head or eyepins
2 earring hooks
2 teardrop beads
5 small (not quite seed-beads) beads
wire cutters
needle nose pliers

Put teardrop bead and then 5 small beads onto the head or eyepin (I used an eyepin). Use the needle nose pliers to bend the remaining part of the pin at a ninety degree angle. Add the earring hook and cut off excess headpin wire. Use the needle nose pliers to turn the ninety degree angle into a full closed loop. Repeat for the other earring. Voila! You're done. And it was super easy. =)

Linked up at Flamingo Toes.

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