Sunday, November 18, 2012

Spells by Aprilynne Pike

I picked this book up at Walmart from their "bargain books" bin. I read it in almost a day, thanks to the fact that my ride from Phoenix to Flagstaff had to clean her car (or something like that). I basically ended up in a random car place in Phoenix that had two benches and a TV playing a Spanish soap opera. It was an amazing book! Turns out it is a sequel (to the book Wings), but it was still fantastic. I've already ordered the prequel, Wings, and sequel, Illusions, to this book on Amazon. Here's to hoping they get here soon!

*Spoilers, for those who haven't read Wings*

This book is about a girl who struggles to balance her life in the fairy world and the human world. She grew up adopted by humans and only recently discovered that she is a fairy. She must train to protect her family (and the fairies as well) from the trolls.

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