Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekly Summary 3

No new posts this week. Boo. But... I did get a new car! So instead, here are ten reasons I like my new car.

1. Sun visor (my old one looked like Swiss cheese)
2. Defrost and heat that work quickly
3. That awesome blinker clicky sound
4. New car smell
5. A non-disintegrated steering wheel
6. Automatic lock remote
7. I can fit a cup in my cup holder while the car is in park
8. Air conditioning that works
9. Decent sound system (no more cassette tapes!)
10. It's sparkly!

This week's new products:

Anything peach mango is amazing. And now there's peach mango softlips - which is my favorite chapstick. I usually own about four or five so that I always have access to one when I need it. (Chapstick seems to go missing and reappear at the oddest times and places.)

Lion Brand Hometown USA Yarn. Super thick, super soft and warm. (And not made of wool.) I used this to make an awesome mobius strip/infinity scarf, which I will hopefully feature on Friday. I've also used in the past to make this scarf.

Thanksgiving dinner at Cracker Barrel. Yum! I had to stay in town for Thanksgiving since I had to work, but I still had a ridiculously fantastic meal. And for only $9 too!

New Etsy Listings
Apparently I can't post any pictures because I've run out of storage... interesting.

Have a wonderful week!

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