Friday, November 2, 2012

Fashion Copy-Cat

I have a habit of pinning a lot of stuff on Pinterest. So I'm trying to make it useful. And hence - fashion copy cats. This copy cat comes from this pin:

From my Fashion Pinterest board.

Here's my version (pardon the angle, it's hard to take pictures of myself!):

The breakdown:
Jeans, $30 Kohls (The most I've ever paid, but worth it!)
Camisole, $7 JcPennys
Tank top, $7.50 Rue 21
Camisole, $10 JcPennys
Scarf, $14 JcPennys
Shoes, ?? at Payless (I used to have a discount)

I figured it'd be fun to use a patterned top instead of a plain white top. Plus that meant I got to wear a tank top in the fall. =) Oh, and everything above was already in my closet, I just wanted to experiment with making different fashion combinations. The only accessory used above was a lime green bracelet, which I don't own, so I used my own accessories:

Pearl earrings!

Cute peacock ring (also, candy corn nails!)

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