Sunday, January 22, 2012

St. Sebastians (Rome, Italy)

This is the first church we celebrated mass at while on our pilgrimage to Europe. I don’t have very many pictures of it, since I was going on twenty or thirty-something hours of being awake. St. Sebastian was a martyr, who was shot with six arrows and survived, and was later martyred by the same Emperor who had him shot. I believe there was as relic of him at the church, but everything was a bit fuzzy when I was there.

Here’s a picture of the little side chapel where we had mass. I’m fairly sure I half dreamed and half heard the readings of mass. The church is actually pretty small, but has catacombs underneath it, which we got to tour.

Here’s a picture of a crucifix that’s at the end of the catacomb tour. I literally fell asleep on my feet while standing here, which is terrifying, because it feels like all of your joints are giving out under you (you know the head-bob thing, but on a full-body scale).

Anyways, I guess this was a little more about me than the church, but it was a neat way to get started on our pilgrimage.

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